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He Made Almost RM 5 Million Profit in Bursa Malaysia

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He Made Profit of RM 27,000.

158% Return in Bursa Malaysia

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Alhamdulillah saya start trade saham dalam hidup ini pada 31/3/2017 bersama TAD system dan bantuan khidmat nasihat dari TAD team (Sifu Fred Tam, Bro Ezone dan Bro Adzrul). Dan bantuan remisier (untuk jual beli menggunakan CDS acc) Ms Jennifer from Maybank K.K.

Kaunter PERTAMA saya beli ialah kaunter AZRB.-Kaunter PERTAMA saya dapat untung ialah kaunter PTB dengan ROI 9.46% dalam masa 14 MINIT!! Sangat TERUJA bagi saya seorang yang BARU berdagang saham.

Kaunter PERTAMA yang PALING TINGGI UNTUNG roi nya saya dapat ialah kaunter DNEX -WD dengan kadar roi 10.169% dalam masa sehari berdagang.

Kaunter PERTAMA yang saya rugi ialah kaunter REDTONE dengan kerugian roi -6.481%.-Kaunter PERTAMA yang PALING TINGGI RUGI ialah kaunter ALAM dengan kerugian berdagang roi -9.375.%

Sejak start berdagang sehingga saya jual kesemua kaunter ialah dalam tempoh 1 bulan 14 hari dengan 9 kaunter semuanya saya beli dan 7 kaunter daripadanya UNTUNG manakala hanya 2 kaunter sahaja yang rugi.

Saya jual baki lagi 2 kaunter yang rugi adalah kerana minggu depan saya sudah berangkat pergi menunaikan UMRAH.-InshaAllah balik dari UMRAH nanti saya start kembali BERDAGANG SAHAM.

TERUS TERANG saya katakan bahawa BERDAGANG saham bersama TAD SYSTEM & TAD TEAM adalah SESUATU YANG HEBAT & BERBALOI bagi ORANG BARU macam saya ni. Alhamdulillah. SAYA SANGAT TERUJA

Di atas ini adalah jadual rekod jual beli saya dalam pasaran saham BSKL.-Saya juga letakkan harga terkini kesemua kaunter saham yang telah saya jual. SANGAT TERUJA dengan ROInya yang SANGAT BEST jika saya HOLD sehingga hari ini!!!TAD SUPERB!!!!

Dikesempatan ini ingin saya ucapkan JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH buat Sifu Fred Tam, Bro Ezone, Bro Adzrul dan kesemua TAD team. Juga JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH buat KAWAN2 dalam TAD group ini."

Khairul AnuarTrader
Allan Anonymous Trader

I have been searching high and low for the right Mentor and Sifu. After many years, I got the chance to learn from Mr Fred! POWERFUL!!! TAD SYSTEM is Superb! Thank you so much Mr Fred Tam and TAD team! Let me share with you my results.. I made RM556,077.29 on SCICOM stocks with 92% of my Return On Investment (R.O.I). I also made RM79,100 on RGB stocks with 71.97% Return. And recently I made RM9,240 on SENDAI stocks with return of 12.60%. I captured a few screenshot from my CIMB CDS trading account and these are my real results!!!

Thank you so much Fred Tam! With the 

TAD System, I made paper profit of RM250,000.00 in CSCSTEEL stock and also paper profit (still holding) of RM42,000.00 on PRESTAR within 8 weeks! As a business owner, I can tell you I made a lot of profits with Fred Tam. Support such as the newsletter, Telegram Group and Stock To Watch using the TAD System. TAD Team support is also amazing! If you really want to be a successful stock trader, you need to believe in your trading system. I already found TAD System. How about you?

Ong Lam HuatBusiness Owner
Roger Ho Stock Trader

Thank you so much FRED TAM! You are such an amazing friend and mentor. With your TAD SYSTEM I made profit of RM13,056.00 from EKOVEST-WB

within 1 Week. Your Daily Newsletters and Telegram Group Support are amazing. Not to forget, the supportive and friendly Customer Care and Technical Support Team. TAD Team is Awesome!

TAD SYSTEM is Superb! Thank you so much Mr Fred Tam and TAD Team. I made RM27,000  in profit with ROI of 158%

within 3 days! I fully recommend you to join this course and subscribe to the TAD SYSTEM. You don’t have to THINK TWICE ANYMORE! Sign Up Now!

Jazli Izzudin Engineer Petronas & Stock Trader
WailyAccountant & Stock Trader

I made 15% return in HIBISCUS within 2 weeks after sign i up for the course!!! Thank you so much TAD team and Mr Fred Tam. Just want to share this, my friend attended another training elsewhere but nothing beats you guys! The support level is fantastic!

Hi everyone… All I can say that

TAD SYSTEM is very good. It's EASY TO USE. Very EFFECTIVE and FOOL PROOF! I made consistent profit around RM3K-RM10K on a daily basis. Sometimes, I made more than this, depending on the market runs. TAD TEAM IS GREAT!

Walther LeeEntrepenuer & Stock Trader
John FongStock Trader

Hi there, I’m John Fong. Thanks for this TAD SYSTEM ,I already made 15% return in 2 weeks after sign up for the course!! Thank you very much FRED TAM and TAD SUPPORT TEAM. THANK YOU!!


Whether you are a pro or novice trader, you need to know what to buy, when to buy & when to get out whether you are right or wrong. TAD System is the most suitable for you. So, who should subscribe to this AMAZING Trading System?

  • Those with zero knowledge on Trading but are SERIOUS in learning and making profits  from Bursa Malaysia. Whether you are a new graduate, a housewife, working a 9-5 job, a business owner or a retiree, Trading can help improve your financials, potentially being a second or passive income. TAD System helps you to achieve that!
  • Novice Traders/ Newbies in the stock market- If you have learnt the ways of Trading from elsewhere but still making more losses than profits, then you'll need a reliable system and support which we are able to provide. Turn your losses to profit now!
  • Pro Traders who wanted to add an efficient trading system into their portfolio - In the age of algo tradings and manipulative markets, a reliable Trading System is what you need to stay current and competitive in the Trading world. Subscribe to TAD System now!


Features and benefits

  • Real Time Update – Dynamic Charting (Suitable for Intraday Trading, Swing Trade, and Investing)
  • Able to Screen Syariah Compliant Stocks
  • Well designed Smart Entry Level with TAD TEMPLATE + UNIQUE ARROWS INDICATOR
  • Smart Alert System- Entry Level With TAD Buy On Break Out and Buy On Dip Techniques
  • Smart Alert Systems- Stop Loss Level
  • Smart Alert System- Take Profit Level
  • 10 Level of Market Depths
  • Time & Sales and Quote Movement
  • Volume Distribution
  • Intraday Market Ticker- Identify Institutional, Big Players, Propriety Day Traders, Assets Management, Fund Managers, and Retail Traders
  • Smart Screener- Able to screen smartly over 1,600 stocks and warrants and filter the best stocks every single day
  • View Top Stocks or Top Gainers every single day
  • Integrated with more than 100 extra indicators such as Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Stochastics, and many more
  • Supported with 30 elegant custom made drawing tools including Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Projection, Fibonacci Circles, Gann Fan, and many more
  • Japanese Candlesticks that can be customed with different colors that suites your personality
  • Support price movements in different formats, such as Bar Chart, Line Chart, Heikin Ashi, and many more
  • Integrate with Fundamentals Analysis and News database to overlay important events and market-moving news onto the charts
  • Portfolio Management- consolidate all your transactions into a single place
  • Stay Alert with your mobile app - Wherever you go, you will be notified on the spot with the Smart Mobile Alert


Share Investor Station charting Software for 6 Months

Share Investor Station is one of the best and complete Trading Software in the world with such affordable price compared to its competitors. It covers both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. The package will include 6 months subscription of Share Investor Station for you to start trading smartly

RM 1,621 / 4 Months


Subscribers will be able to access to the Powerful Mechanical TAD (Turtle Atom Duck) Trading Template and powered by Share Investor Station. With the TAD Unique Arrows System, it enables the user to determine Technical Buy Or Technical Sell. It is so simple and easy to use. The TAD Trading Template is preloaded in each chart and can be accessed anytime for price analysis or forecasting. Additional, we further refined the system with F1 Fast Turtle. You can Buy On Break Out (Buy High and Sell Higher) or you can Buy On Dip (Buy Low and Sell High). This is Multi Million Dollar setup. If you are serious trader, this features is a MUST TO HAVE. Great Technical Confirmation that well refined, studied and research after 30 years.

RM 21,000 / 4 Months

More than 30 Videos of Tutorial Support (can be accessED 24/7)

Don't know where and how to start? No worries! The TAD System package will include many educational video support. More than 30 video tutorials to guide you regardless if you are a newbie, intermediate or pro trader. It's a complete step by step guidance program that enables you to learn on your own pace. This learning system can be accessed 24/7, anytime and anywhere

RM 6,999 / 4 Months

Group Support via Telegram APP for 6 months

Subscribers will be placed into an exclusive Telegram Group for a 4 months support. You will be able to view examples of technical charts and stocks of the day. It's a powerful way of learning with Live Commentaries from the Technical Experts. On the other hand, subscribers can ask any questions regarding their trading, TAD System and many more. Our Customer Care and Technical Analysis Experts will reply to the questions diligently

RM 5,000 / 4 Months

Continuous Professional Education via monthly webinar

Fred Tam & the TAD team will conduct continuous education program via Webinars on Market Outlooks, Potential Stocks, Trading Theme of the Month and many more. It will help novice Traders increase trading success and decrease the potential of a bad trade. At the same time, subcribers will learn the essence of Technical Analysis and ways of Profitable Trading

RM 10,000 / 4 Months

Live Customer Support

If you have any technical problem pertaining to your trading software, the TAD system, subscription renewal or anything related to your trading, we have the expert technical support and friendly customer care that will give you feedback as soon as possible. You can enquire any question anytime from 9am - 5pm daily during business hour. We will provide you with the best live customer support.

RM 5,000 / 4 Months

Live Trading Sessions

We believe that Smart Traders are made and not born. Thus, practice, practice, practice is important! There will be scheduled Live Trading Sessions so that novice Traders can experience buying and selling on the spot alongside experienced Traders. We will guide you and eliminate the anxiety or fear during your first trade. It's a fun and brilliant way to trade alongside the Expert Traders. This is the fastest way to learn in becoming a SMART TRADER.

RM 5,000 / 4 Months


This feature is one of the awesome feature, carefully pre-design for stock hunter. If you are momemtum traders or Swing Trader (Medium Term Trader), you will love this awesome feature. Every night our Certified Technical Analyst will prefilter 1700 stocks and warrants, refined and study all potential stocks. These includes Buy On Break Out, Buy On Dip, Chart Pattern Break Out, Rebound stocks and many more. Not only you have the potential stocks, you will have the exact Entry Point that you can key in direct to your Stock Alert system. This what separate us compare to others provider

RM 5,000 / 4 Months

Ebooks, handouts and excel files

We believe in giving the best value for our subscribers. With our latest eBooks, Handouts and Excel files , it will further enhance your learning curve. Learn how to be an ELITE TRADER today with our TAD SYSTEM

RM 999 / 4 Months

Tad system full package

  • S.I Station  - Complete Charting Software  (RM 1,621/ 4 months)
  • TAD TEMPLATE  - Powerful Trading Setup (RM 21,000/ 4 Months)
  • Video Tutorial  -  Complete Step by Step guidance  (RM 6,999/ 4 Months)
  • Group Support  -  Exclusive Telegram Group  (RM 5,000/ 4 Months)
  • Monthly Webinar  -  Continous Education Program  (RM 10,000/ 4 Months)
  • Live Trading Session -  Experience the Real Trading (RM 5,000/ 4 Months)
  • Customer Support -  Get your Questions Answer (RM 5,000/ 4 Months)
  • TAD Stock Alerts  -  Stocks Alert System (RM 5,000/ 4 Months)
  • E-Books & Handouts  -  Enhance Your Learning Curve  (RM 999)

Total Value : RM 60,619 / 4 Months

Grab your OFFER NOW!

To get in touch with our Customer Care please Call or WhatsApp / Telegram 

+6012-5188337 (TAD Hotline) or +6017-2587783 (Ms Cherry)

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

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I am one of F1 Academy's Alumni. I learnt before from Fred Tam and I already have Share Investor Station with the TAD System. But I am also interested to get the new TAD E-Learning system. How do I subscribe?

Can I pay using cash? If yes, how do I deposit the payment?

Do you offer any Installment Plan Packages? What is the benefit and how can I sign up for this Installment Plan Packages?

I don't think TAD System is for me, can I cancel my subscription?

I can't pay using your online payment system, my payment got rejected. I'm using Malaysia's credit/debit card? Why is this so?