Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

If I have  zero knowledge or beginner in trading, is the TAD System suitable for me?

After I subscribe to the TAD System, what happens after 6 months? How can I renew my subscription and how much should I pay?

I’m a current user of Bursa Station, is there any difference between Bursa Station and Share Investor Station? What should I do now?

I'm currently using Share Investor Station, but I never learn from Fred Tam or F1 Academy before. Now I am interested to sign up for TAD System. What should I do?

I am one of F1 Academy's Alumni. I learnt before from Fred Tam and I already have Investor Station with the TAD System. But I am also interested to get the new TAD E-Learning system. How do I subscribe?

Can I pay using cash? If yes, how do I deposit the payment?

Do you offer any Installment Plan Packages? What is the benefit and how can I sign up for this Installment Plan Packages?

I don't think TAD System is for me, can I cancel my subscription?